Is it safe to visit Fes, Morocco?

Many individuals who have never gone to Morocco wonder, “Is it safe to visit Fez, Morocco?”  Fes, Morocco, is an enthralling and famous tourist destination recognized for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and dynamic culture. It is one of the four imperial towns of Morocco, along with Marrakech, Rabat, and Meknes, and is widely regarded as the country’s cultural and spiritual center. While Fes is an enticing resort, visitors should be cautious of safety risks.

Overview of Fes, Morocco

Fes has a rich history that dates back over a thousand years. It was established in the eighth century and has been the capital of several Moroccan rulers. The city was a hub of learning, religion, and trade, and its famed Al Quaraouiyine University is one of the world’s oldest continuously operational educational institutions. Fes was critical to the advancement of Islamic knowledge and Andalusian culture. Fes is an important cultural and political city in Morocco. Along with Marrakech, Rabat, and Meknes, it is one of the country’s four imperial cities. Fes’ UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fes el-Bali, is a tribute to the preservation of traditional Moroccan culture and architecture. Because of its historical and cultural significance, the city has become a magnet for travelers interested in exploring Morocco’s legacy.

Places to visit during your trip to Fes:

  1. Fes el-Bali: This old walled city is the centre of Fes and a treasure mine of historical and cultural treasures. It is famous for its ornate architecture, bustling souks, and traditional crafts. The Bou Inania Madrasa, the Chouara tanneries, and the Dar Batha Museum are all noteworthy attractions in Fes el-Bali.
  2. University of Al Quaraouiyine: The institution of Al Quaraouiyine, founded in 859 AD, is acknowledged as the world’s oldest degree-granting institution and a marker of Fes’ historical importance as a center of knowledge.
  3. Bab Bou Jeloud: This beautiful blue gate marks the entrance to the medina and serves as a popular starting point for exploring Fes el-Bali.
  4. Jewish Quarter (Mellah): The Mellah is a historic district in Fes that shows this legacy through synagogues and traditional architecture.
  5. The Royal Palace: The Royal Palace of Fes is an architectural marvel with majestic gates and elaborate mosaic work, yet it is not open to the public.

Experiences and Activities:

  1. Souk Shopping: Fes is well-known for its lively markets, or souks, where visitors may buy Moroccan crafts, fabrics, spices, and other items. Bargaining is a typical habit, and it’s an excellent approach to become acquainted with the local culture.
  2. Guided Tours: Due to its maze-like architecture, exploring the medina might be intimidating. Hiring a local guide can provide you insights into Fes’ history, culture, and traditions.
  3. Moroccan Cuisine: Fes is a culinary pleasure, with typical Moroccan foods like tagine and couscous available in local eateries. Don’t pass up the opportunity to eat delicacies like pastilla and sip mint tea.

Is it safe to visit Fez ?

Is it safe to visit Fes, Morocco?

Fes is widely regarded as a safe city for travelers. When compared to other Moroccan cities, the general crime rate is rather low. However, as in any large city, small crimes such as pickpocketing and scams can occur, particularly in congested areas. When compared to large European cities, Fes has lower crime rates. Tourists may feel safer in Fes than in several European capitals. Here are some safety guidelines to help you stay safe during your Fes tour:

  • Use Licensed Tour Guides: Consider hiring a professional guide to help you explore the medina and its convoluted alleyways and provide insights into the history and culture.
  • Protect Your Valuables: Safely keep your passport, money, and other valuables in a hotel. Carry only what you need when you’re out, and utilize a money belt or hidden pouch for further security.
  • Beware of Pickpockets: Pickpockets are common in busy settings, especially markets and tourist attractions. Maintain vigilance and keep an eye on your valuables.
  • Respect Local Customs: Morocco is a conservative nation. Respect local customs and traditions by dressing modestly, especially while visiting religious sites. This will protect you from unwanted attention and cultural misunderstandings.
  • Bargain Politely: Haggling is common in Fes’ markets (souks). Negotiate rates politely and with respect for local norms.
  • Learn Basic Phrases: Learning a few simple Arabic or French phrases will help you communicate with people and create relationships.

What should you avoid to stay safe in Fes?

To stay safe while you are visiting Fes, Morocco, keep several aspects in mind, including cultural customs, health, and general safety. Here are some things to avoid on your Fes visit to guarantee your safety:

  • Avoid drinking in Public: Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and while alcohol can be found in some places, it is not usually allowed to drink in public. It’s best to consume alcoholic beverages in specified venues such as pubs and restaurants.
  • Avoid engaging in Religious or Political Discussions: Avoid intense debates about religion or politics, which can be sensitive and divisive. It is preferable to listen and learn than to express strong thoughts.
  • Avoid photography without Permission: Always ask permission before photographing people, especially in more isolated or traditional settings. Some residents may object to being photographed without their consent.
  • Walking Alone at Night: While Fes is quite safe, it is still advisable not to wander alone at night, particularly in poorly lit or remote locations. Stick to well-traveled streets and think about hiring a trustworthy cab service.
  • Avoid immodest Clothing: Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or walking in more conservative neighborhoods. For women, it’s a good idea to cover your shoulders and knees. Men should also avoid wearing overly revealing clothing.

How to Travel Safely via Public Transportation in Fes?

1: Taxis

Taxis are a popular means of transit in Fes. Overall, they are regarded as safe modes of transportation in the city. However, there are a few considerations to consider:

  • Check that the taxi is licensed and has a taxi sign visible.
  • Before beginning the ride, always agree on a fare or use the meter.
  • If the driver’s behavior bothers you, get out of the taxi and locate another.
  • Avoid sharing a taxi with strangers, especially late at night.

2: Buses

Public buses are an inexpensive way to get about Fes. While they are generally safe, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Pickpockets should be avoided, especially during busy periods.
  • Keep an eye on your stuff and avoid displaying valuables.
  • If possible, avoid taking buses at night because frequency may be reduced and safety problems may arise.

How to Find Trustworthy Fes Accommodations?

Your lodging selection can have a big impact on your whole trip experience. To have a comfortable journey, you have to choose secure lodging. Here are some pointers to help you find safe accommodation in Fes, Morocco.

  1. Research Extensively: Before making a reservation, extensively investigate your alternatives. Look for Fes accommodations on several booking platforms, and investigate a variety of options ranging from hotels and hostels to vacation rentals and guesthouses.
  2. Location Matters: Take note of the accommodation’s location. Choose a location that is safe and well-lit, especially near public transportation and major attractions. Check to see if the area has a solid reputation for safety.
  3. Read Reviews: Online review sites such as TripAdvisor,, and Google Reviews can provide useful information. Read both positive and negative reviews to obtain a complete picture of the hotel.
  4. Budget Considerations: While price is essential, be wary of exceptionally low-cost hotels because they may jeopardize safety. Find a happy medium between affordability and security.

Conclusion: Is it safe to visit Fes, Morocco?

Fes, Morocco, is typically safe for travelers, but safety precautions should always be taken. You can enjoy a memorable and safe vacation to this interesting city by following local customs, remaining educated, and employing common-sense safety precautions. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Fes, tour the Medina, sample Moroccan food, and connect with the friendly residents, all while remaining secure. Fes welcomes you with wide arms and promises a wonderful experience.

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